Leading the pack

Cavern is the first 3D audio processor for the PC, redefining calibration and visualization, while being free and open.


True Dolby Atmos with only a PC

Cavern supports Dolby Digital Plus Atmos, and has the neccessary tools to convert your content to any channel layout in a channel-based format, which means, it can be played on your PC without any AVR or special software. Download Cavernize to enable object-based sound on systems where it was previously unimaginable to do so!

High-end audio calibration

With minimal setup, Cavern's automatic calibrator, QuickEQ, sets up any standard calibration in even under a second per channel. With advanced features and the sheer power of a PC, the audio quality resulting from using most automatic calibrators, including actual cinema processors, can easily be surpassed, even with a single microphone.

Beyond adaptation

The development goal for Cavern is simple: make it the ultimate all-in-one audio processor. This goal led to the creation of theatre and stage listener adaptation, an automatic volume and panning recalibration based on occupied seats in real-time. What used to be only possible with extremely expensive acoustic room treatment, Cavern can do it in software.

Help the development of Cavern

Cavern is free and open source, even for commercial use, and always will be. Thanks to generous donations, this project is still afloat. If you really like Cavern and are satisfied with the results it provides, you can make a small donation by clicking the button below.