Cavern command-line arguments

You can execute 3D conversions from the console. Drag-and-dropping files on Cavern.exe converts them to output.wav at default settings next to the source file.

First argument Path to the file.
-fn File name without extension. Default is "output".
-f, - format Output audio format: "wav" or "wave" for Waveform or "laf" or "limitless" for Limitless Audio Format. Default is Waveform.
-q, -quality 3D processing quality: "medium", "m", or "1" for Medium, "high", "h", or "2" for High, "perfect", "p", or "3" for Perfect. Default is High.
-b, -bits Bits per sample: 8, 16, or 32. 8 and 16 are integer, 32 is floating point. Default is 16.
-mx Creates missing channels from existing ones. Works best if the source is matrix-encoded. Not recommended for Gaming 3D setups. "on" or "off". On by default.
-cs Don't spatialize the front channel. This can fix the speech from above anomaly if it's present. "on" or "off". On by default.
-ef 3D audio effect strength in percent. There is no maximum. Default is 75.
-sm Smooth object movements in percent. Default is 80.
-lfe LFE separation: keeps the original LFE channel. A new LFE channel will be created from all other channels if disabled. On by default.
-passes "1" for single, "2" for dual pass export. A single pass export will use Cavern's limiter with a fast attack and decay. A dual pass export will limit the entire output. Default is dual pass.
-lfev LFE volume: the low frequency channels' volume in percent. Default is 100.

Error reporting

Because Unity can't write to console and can't return error codes, all errors are saved to "error.log".