Cavern release notes

Cavern 1.5 - Nearly 5 years update

Released: 5th January 2021.

Driver changes

  • New front and center speaker models for Studio and Home layouts, new Home subwoofer model
  • Gaming 4-way layout was replaced with 6.2 Surround
  • Horizontal environment size display now shows the distance from the floor
  • The Environment size note informs about it not being used for QuickEQ

QuickEQ additions

  • Automatic and manual volume regain
  • Custom EQ curves from TXT, FRD, and TARGETCURVE files.
  • Clear Center for speech clarity enhancement (advanced feature)
  • Sealing that applies the characteristics of sealed subwoofers on ported cabinets (advanced feature)
  • Valley correction (experimental feature)
  • Verbose result panels containing both frequency and impulse responses and extra metrics
  • Multi-sub support with multiple downmix patterns
  • FRD calibration support

QuickEQ changes

  • Disconnected channels are marked with red and are excluded from gain calculation
  • Experimental features moved to a separate page available under Setup

API additions

  • Gain and Cavernize filters
  • Phase, RT60, and imulse likelyness for impulse responses
  • 24-bit support for known formats, WAV reader

API changes

  • Impulse responses have way less noise
  • Versatile convolution generation
  • Headphone virtualization is available outside Unity
  • Many refactors