Download Cavern

Multiple versions of Cavern are available for various use cases. Download the Driver to set up and try Cavern.

Last updated: 18th June 2022.

Cavern Driver 1.5

This is the one-stop setup utility for Cavern on your PC. The software includes a room layout editor, QuickEQ room correction for the best possible audio quality, and an object panner/visualizer demo with upmixing capabilities.

Cavern Remote 1.0

Cavern Remote is a massively updated MPC-HC remote control interface with a web-app, advanced browser, video/audio profiles, system-wide features, and many more.

Cavern API 1.5

Develop your games with a truly immersive soundstage by using Cavern's toolkit! Download this all-in-one .NET audio engine with full Unity support to get started.

Tools and utilities

Small software for specific use cases built on the Cavern platform.
Cavernize Lite 1.3.1 Ultra fast lightweight upmixer and converter that works with FFmpeg.
Cavernize Splitter 1.0 Channel upmixer VST plugin for native Equalizer APO 5.1.2 with zero latency.
Cavernize RealTime 1.0.3 (legacy) Standalone channel upmixer for installations, like cinemas.