Convert once, play anywhere.

Cavernize can render many supported object-based formats to any channel layout. Nothing is required other than enough outputs: 7.1-only systems just became 5.1.2, even 5.1 systems can be used as 4.1.1. This opens up immersive audio opportunities for even integrated PC sound cards.

Every system is supported.

Cavernized tracks are simple PCMs, which means they can be played on any system with enough channels. You could either pack your content in MKV files or export true spatial audio as simple WAVs that anything can play, even systems from the age where there was no object-based audio. Give a new life with spatial sound to your legacy players and receivers!

Unparalleled studio support.

With back and forth ADM BWF support, Cavernize not just completely supports content delivery pipelines, but all the way in reverse too, even for DCPs: for the first time ever, you can convert already rendered tracks back for editing.

Completely open codebase, an industry first.

Cavern's abundant API provides a vast range of development possibilities completely exposing the metadata of any supported codec. Through its standard representation, any transformation, filtering, and transcoding can be coded quickly.