Feature-rich, yet easy to use.

Cavern's QuickEQ can be as simple as pressing a single button, but can rival professional solutions by giving complete control over all supported features. QuickEQ makes bass uniformity possible with a single subwoofer, has simulation-based speech enhancement, and even spatial remapping. With QuickEQ, an entire 5-microphone measurement can be done in under a minute with evaluation and export, which was unseen before.

Quality can be measured. QuickEQ is built to max it out.

Built on the latest advancements in room correction research, QuickEQ is able to brute force a solution for most acoustical anomalies in seconds, without any traditional limitations. Slopes and phase distortions are a thing of the past, even crossovers can be handled in a single Hertz.

All features are available on PC. Other supported devices might only allow basic EQ.

1/12 octave smoothing, measured with Cavern. The sample room is ~10 m2 without any acoustic treatment. Equipment used: Klipsch R-15M, Crown XLS-202, ASUS Xonar DX, MiniDSP UMIK-1.

All-in for subwoofers.

The hundreds of correction points for even the LFE channel(s) is just the tip of the iceberg. Any number of subs can be individually calibrated, and with CUCC (Cavern Ultimate Crossover Chain), even the main channels are used to flatten the low frequency uniformity in any room. QuickEQ also supports Sealing, which simulates sealed subwoofer behavior on ported cabinets for unique taste or just improving crossover overhead.

Go beyond human hearing.

No corners were cut in precision. QuickEQ exports are pushed to the target system's absolute limits, with the PC being the best. With Equalizer APO exports, QuickEQ is precise to the hundredth of a decibel. This error margin is imperceptible for a human.

Delays create spatial imaging. Cavern sets them perfectly.

When it comes to creating a believable soundstage, the single most important measure to correct is time-alignment. QuickEQ's precision is a single sample, because 0.1 feet or 0.1 meters are just way too large error margins that can't solve this task.

* speed of sound = 343 m/s.

Hi-fi principles? Supported.

Hi-fi enthusiasts like a different sound than what's made for movies. If set up for that case, to keep as much of the system's signature sound as possible, Cavern's Smoother curve only accounts for the differences between channels caused by the room, making the imaging exceptional, while not affecting the tonal balance. This feature works even without a calibrated microphone.