Cavern QuickEQ export guide to MiniDSP 2x4 Advanced


Before making any measurements with QuickEQ, disconnect or reset the MiniDSP.


Complete a measurement. If you need help with it, read the setup guide. After measurement, choose Export to MiniDSP 2x4 Advanced from the Export/import menu. Select a folder to export the EQ files and delay/level information to. If you choose a folder that contains a previous measurement, it will be overwritten.

Importing the QuickEQ configuration files

Open the MiniDSP configuratior, and navigate to the Input Gain page. Both gains should be 0 dB.

Go to the Parametrix EQ page of each channel on the input side. Work with any 2 channels you want to calibrate with the unit. Click Import REW File and select the corresponding input EQ file for the target channel, like Channel_L_in.txt.

The result should include the first 5 EQ bands.

Set up the routing to copy each input channel to any output channel. The following example is the 1:1 configuration, routing IN1 to OUT1 and IN2 to OUT2, but other configurations also work fine.

For each output channel, make sure both crossovers are bypassed.

Output EQs should be handled the same way as inputs, but with their corresponding out.txt files. Use the Import REW file button to load a file, and it's successful when the filters appear.

Open Cavern QuickEQ for MiniDSP 2x4 Advanced.txt for the correct gain and delay values, and navigate to the Delay/Gain/RMS page. Look for these entries for the channels you want to calibrate and apply them as close as you can in the utility.
Channel: L
Gain: -11,05592 dB
Delay: 3,22917 ms

Channel: R
Gain: -10,63019 dB
Delay: 3,77083 ms

Use dots instead of commas in the delay text field. Make sure the compressor is bypassed and polarity is only inverted if Cavern's txt file asks it.

Click the synchronize button when the MiniDSP is connected to the PC to download the settings.