Voidity is a feature-packed server mod for Minecraft. Here are the best of the more than 75 features:
- New fight system (arena, Hunger Games, combat bonuses)
- New teleport system (save locations, go back, limited guest functionality, lock)
- New community features (building and chest protection, dual credit economy, factions)
- Better crew handling, admins and configurable ops, on-the-fly config reloading
- Structure generator with 3 kinds of towers and a sphere
- Multiworld (even multi-gamemode simultaneously) support
- Tons of new chat commands, like backup or math, and lots of other custom functions


1st April 2013.


1st June 2014.


Voidity 1.7.2 R1.4
Licence: free (private)

Voidity 1.6.4 R1.1
Licence: free (private)

Voidity 1.6.2 R1.4
Licence: free (private)