VoidPlayer is a stage-ready music player and real-time audio visualizer.


VoidPlayer has a minimal interface, but knows everything a music player should. With shortcuts to everything, the structure is engineered for the fastest possible use. Just look at the help page, and you'll learn it really quick. VoidPlayer is stage-ready with its dual-display mode: one for the visuals, and one for music handling.

See your music...

...even what's on the radio, or your own live performance. The main purpose of VoidPlayer is to visualize any sound. The music player does its part, but you can go beyond that with the DJ Mode by selecting one of the audio inputs. Connect a line input or your microphone, VoidPlayer can visualize anything in real time. Even what's playing on your computer in other applications*.

More than just a music player

Since its initial release, VoidPlayer has been updated many times, and gained features like an effect engine with many useful effects (like bass highlighting or stereo expansion), speaker fill, and many customization options.

Supported formats

Music: Wave (WAV), Vorbis (OGG), MPEG Audio Layer 3 (MP3), Limitless Audio Format (LAF)
Playlist: M3U, PLS
Lyrics: LRC, SubRip (SRT)

*Requires a sound card with loopback.


21st May 2015.


25th March 2022.

Download (3.0.2)

Licence: free (private)