The ultimate home cinema project from the ground up

Cavern provides a software suite for the ultimate audio experience with video on the way. Paving the way by supporting true Dolby Digital+ Atmos for the first time ever on PC, while doing an industry-leading room correction, Cavern provides the fullest audio experience on this platform. Cavern's goal is taking the place of all components, looking to be the only software you'll ever need for your cinema. With commercial cinema, stage, and game development tools, Cavern can redeem tens of tools at once.

True Dolby Atmos with only a PC

Experience incredible flexibility with Cavern, the powerful audio processor that enables object-based sound on systems where it was previously unimaginable. Cavern is the first ever PC audio processor that supports Dolby Digital+ Atmos, and has the tools to convert your content to any channel layout in a channel-based format.

High-end audio calibration

Get ready to be blown away by the incredible audio quality achieved with QuickEQ, Cavern's lightning-fast automatic calibrator that outperforms even actual cinema processors with ease. Don't settle for mediocre sound quality. Upgrade to Cavern and discover the full hidden potential of your audio setup!

Beyond adaptation

The development goal for Cavern is simple: make it the ultimate all-in-one audio processor. This goal led to the creation of theatre and stage listener adaptation, an automatic volume and panning recalibration based on occupied seats in real-time. What used to be only possible with extremely expensive acoustic room treatment, Cavern can do it in software.

What's next? Check the minisite!

Version guide

- Cavern Driver: setup utility, QuickEQ, and visualizer demo
- Cavernize: fully featured converter with Dolby Digital+ Atmos support for PC playback
- Cavern Remote: full system remote control for MPC-HC
- Cavern Splitter VST: ultra low latency channel height generator for system-wide real time use
- CavernizeRT: advanced, but high latency channel height generator
- Enhanced AC-3 Merger: packs height surround into E-AC-3 files


19th February 2016.


20th May 2024.


Cavern Driver 2.0.2
Licence: free (private)

Cavernize 2.0.2
Licence: free (Cavern API)

Cavern Remote 1.0
Licence: free (open)

Cavern Splitter VST 1.0
Licence: free (private)

CavernizeRT 1.0.3
Licence: free (private)

Enhanced AC-3 Merger 1.0
Licence: free (Cavern API)

Cavern API 2.0.1
Licence: free (Cavern API)

Cavern minisite