Cavern save data locations

Environment data

The environment data folder of Cavern is %appdata%\Cavern. The currently active environment settings that are used by every Cavern application are saved in Save.dat. Deleting this file reverts the system layout to the default 5.1.

The .dat files, which name starts with CavernPreset_, are the saved user presets. All files can be safely moved from one installation to another, as all Cavern versions are completely forward and backward compatible.

Driver settings

Driver-specific settings like last folders, opened panels, and QuickEQ settings are in the registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\VoidX\Cavern. Editing these values are highly disencouraged as they usually have limits and a representation that is different in the Driver. Deleting this key reverts the application to its default state.