Cavern DCP channel order

This is the recommended DCP channel ordering, and also the recommended wiring. Cavern DCPs only take advantage of currently or always unused channels, thus systems built for Cavern are perfectly backwards compatible, including 7.1, hearing/visually impaired tracks, and all sync signals. Cavern is using a 7.1.2 bed only, with the Top Surround channels as Left/Right ceiling arrays. Cavern XL adds an additional Bottom Surround channel.

Channel 5.1 7.1 SDDS 7.1 DS Auro 11.1 Cavern Cavern XL Notes
1 L L L L L LFront Left
2 R R R R R RFront Right
3 C C C C C CFront Center
4 LFE LFE LFE LFE LFE LFEScreen Low Frequency Effects
5 Ls Ls Lss Ls Lss LssLeft (Side) Surround
6 Rs Rs Rss Rs Rss RssRight (Side) Surround
7 HI HI HI Ltf HI HIHearing Impaired Dialog / Left Top Front
8 VI VI VI Rtf VI VIVisually Impaired Narrative / Right Top F
9 - LC - Ctf Lts LtsLeft Center / Center Top F / Top Surround
10 - RC - Gv Rts RtsRight Center / God's Voice / Top Surround
11 - - Lrs Lts Lrs LrsLeft Rear / Top Surround
12 - - Rrs Rts Rrs RrsRight Rear / Top Surround
13 MD MD MD MD MD MDMotion Data Sync
14 ES ES ES ES ES ESExternal Sync Signal
15 SL SL SL SL SL SLSign Language Video
16 - - - - - BsBottom Surround

Channel angles

For home and studios with a single speaker per channel, the recommended angles (+/- 10°) are:

Channel W / Y H / X
Front Left -30°
Front Right 30°
Front Center
Left Side Surround -110°
Right Side Surround 110°
Left Rear Surround -150°
Right Rear Surround 150°
Front Left Center -15°
Front Right Center 15°
Left Top Surround -70° -45°
Right Top Surround 70° -45°
Bottom Surround 90°